The mandate of a medium-sized client was to achieve short-term measurable successes in online marketing. The goals were:

  • Increase Google visibility
  • Rise to the top 10 ranking
  • Target top keywords with high search volume
We are ambitious about achieving your goals! Benefit from our expertise and let us measurably increase your SEO visibility.

Approach to Achieving Goals:

  • Technical Optimization: Optimization of source code, metadata, link structure, and more.
  • On-Page: Optimization of homepage, product pages, and contact page (content and appearance).
  • Off-Page: Optimization of backlinks.
  • Usability: Optimization of menu, design, and layout to ensure high user-friendliness for both desktop and mobile users.
  • Website Speed Optimization: Load time under 0.26 seconds (desktop).
  • Monitoring & Success Tracking: Regular measurement of performance.