Key Highlights:

  • 210% increase in B2B new customer inquiries within six months.
  • 290% increase in the company’s online visibility.
  • 450% improvement in online ROI.


A medium-sized company engaged us with the goal of achieving measurable short-term success in online marketing.

B2B Goals

  1. Double the number of new customer inquiries: The primary focus was to double the number of B2B leads within a six-month period.
  2. Increase online visibility: Enhanced online presence was expected to make the company more easily discoverable and recognizable.
  3. Optimize ROI: The aim was not only to advertise more but also to advertise more efficiently, significantly improving the profitability (ROI) of online efforts.
We are doers! Through analytical and ambitious approaches, we achieve your revenue goals and deliver measurable successes.

Our Implementation Approach

  1. Google Ads Campaigns:
  • Granular setup to target specific audience segments.
  • High-performing keywords and ad copy to achieve higher click-through rates.


  1. Data-Driven Optimizations:
  • Weekly review of campaign performance.
  • Adjustments based on real-time data to maximize efficiency.


  1. KPI Focus:
  • Emphasis on conversions, cost per conversion, and lead quality.
  • Ensuring that generated leads had a high likelihood of conversion.


  1. Performance Success Tracking:
  • Continuous monitoring of campaign success.
  • Strategy adjustments based on measured results.


  1. Transparent Reporting:
  • Regular reports showcasing performance metrics.
  • Clear and comprehensible breakdown of achieved results.