It’s easy to make mistakes with AdWords

Some of the most common mistakes we see in AdWords campaigns are the following:

  • Use of largely matching keywords (braoad match)
  • No exclusion of excluded keywords
  • Visitors do not reach optimised landing pages

When you set up a campaign, you should always remember that visitors want or are looking for something specific and want to reach their destination as quickly as possible.

They have already decided that they need the product or service, now they are actively looking for someone to help them.

AdWords is the tool to get on top of the first 4 positions at Google with the aim to lead highly relevant traffic to your website / webshop.

If you want to measure real success, you should definitely also optimise your website. After all, visitors will end up there after clicking on your AdWords ad.

You might ask yourself how you can trim your AdWords campaigns for success. If so, then take a look at this infographics with a number of optimisation tips.

You can check out these 50 AdWords optimisation tips from Impactbnd today and put them into practice immediately.

Have fun with the analysis and optimisation!