Interview with the managing director of WeLikeWeb GmbH Mr. Muscheid.

Mr. Muscheid, you yourself have been using Shopify for a long time and have also recommended the online shop system to your customers. How can they now increase their turnover as quickly as possible, professionalise their marketing, increase their customer satisfaction and …

Slowly, slowly. One thing at a time. So: The most important thing is not to start your online shop just like that. After all, what good is the most beautiful Internet presence if only a few customers see it? This is why new starters should definitely use Shopify for their website – if only because of the many great sample pages (“themes”).

They can also use the many helpful Shopify apps that quickly connect their website to the major online marketplaces. However, they must think carefully about which social media platforms are best suited to their online shop and its products. Not to forget: They should make their website attractive for search engines – through search engine optimisation (SEO).


But how do I manage to place my products where the customers are?

Clearly, the most beneficial is the company’s presence on Google Shopping. This is where many customers start their search. They can find photos of the desired products, their prices and delivery costs at a glance. In the next step the shop can then place its products on other selected portals.

How do I attract customers who only order via their mobile phone? And how well does Shopify work in this regard?

Very good. Shopify pages are ideal for mobile use, but: Shop operators should make sure that they have the right and sufficient filter options for their website. After all, their mobile customers do not want to scroll through countless products, but rather search for their personal preferences.

That means according to colour, size, material and of course price. 
Not all Shopify templates offer such filter options. In this case, the shop owner himself has to set the search filters according to his needs and those of his customers.