Interview with WeLikeWeb Managing Director Mr Andreas Muscheid.

Mr Muscheid, Shopify is already very large, growing rapidly and already has one million customers worldwide. They have sold more than $30 billion worth of goods in the second quarter of 2020 alone. So: Shopify is huge. But is the provider also good?

Shopify is a very good online shop system, especially in comparison with other providers. I especially like the many appealingly designed sample templates, called “themes”.

With them you can start your online business in only two or three days – and that without having to program anything yourself. Another big advantage for every newcomer is that the Spotify apps allow you to easily dock onto the major marketing channels.

However, some Shopify applications are too much geared to the US and Canada, i.e. the countries where the company started.


Which Shopify tools are particularly good and important for online sellers, and which are less?

The connection to Google Shopping is extremely important. This quickly brings new customers. In addition, Shopify can be used to quickly increase the “conversion rate”: interested parties become buyers. If you are looking for something specific, such as a baby bed, Shopify automatically displays similar products, such as a baby blanket.

I also find the “Dashboard” very useful: an analysis tool with the essential information about customers and their buying behaviour. 
Less important for me is the Shopify forum. There you can only find the information you are looking for to a limited extent. Also the customer service (“Support”) is not always helpful – at least in the cheapest Shopify package (“Basic”)